All Saints Grammar – Waterproof Covered Entry

Client: All Saints Grammar
Location: Belmore - Sydney Australia

The client approached SMSA via CMT Architects in Sydney, they were looking for a sleek design to fit within their heritage listed site requirements, to be completed in a tight timeframe and budget. All installation had to be completed without lifting equipment and at heights, with one of the largest storms the east coast had seen in decades quickly approaching. All was completed successfully.

Village Roadshow Theme Park Green Lantern Ride

Client: Village Roadshow Theme Parks
Location: Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia

Design and Construct 2 Shade Structures to protect customers from the harsh sun whilst standing in the overflow area for the new Green Lantern ride.

Soon after opening the ride, the client realised that there wasn’t enough protection from the harsh rays of the sun for their patrons while they waited in line for the …

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