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Solar Car Park Structures – Leading The Car Park Shade Industry Through Service Excellence & Product Innovation

Looking for the latest in Car Park shade design,  have you heard about the latest car park solar structures?  Shade and Membrane Structures Australia (SMSA) have been working hard to be at the forefront of a new form of car park shading option across Australia and that is Solar. Car Park Solar Shade Structures are perfect for many shopping centres and larger commercial areas. They have the most valuable commodity available to them which is underutilized, SPACE. Whilst a car park shading option using tensile membrane or shade cloth does offer a practical and the most efficient way to offer comfort to your customer base and potentially offer that extra edge over local competition who may not have that same level of service, we also feel that the areas could be put to better use and create medium to long term cost savings in the process.Some of our recent project examples include the Vicinity Shopping Center at Elizabeth in South Australia, Vicinity Castle Plaza Shopping Center at Edwards Town in South Australia, Leichhardt Market Place Shopping Center in Sydney NSW, Old Spot Tavern in Salisbury South Australia, and the Mondalez processing facility in Scoresby Victoria 

Car park solar shading is huge throughout Europe and is gaining traction in other parts of the globe like the US and Asia. We feel it is only a matter of time before large commercial organization’s  in Australia take advantage of both the space and the sun available in this country to not only reduce costs but to be more beneficial to our environment, several large scale projects have already been completed and there are many more in the pipeline. And whilst the initial costs of a car park solar shading option can more expensive than its shade material cousin in the short term, with the tariff’s available and the energy savings on hand, this initial investment is quickly turned around into a money saving / making option. Being a commercial design and construction firm, we team up with leading solar specialists around the country for a complete turnkey solar solution for your commercial area.

Some example concepts of solar car park shading projects on the international scene are:

Our solar panel car park shade structures – Solving the problems of the future today

We use our invaluable experience and extensive network to provide our clients with the best products available in the market and cost effective solutions to address their project needs. As a result, we supply forward-thinking solar powered shading solutions that enable car parks to generate their own energy supply back to the grid.

We have teamed up with leading commercial supplier’s in Solar systems to supply our advanced commercial car park products that can be adapted to any commercial area. This is the commercial car park solution of the future. Since every car park solar structure is unique, our collaborative partnership and experience in designing, constructing and installing shade solutions will ensure that your shade solution project is a success.

Key design information:

  • Upto 3,500 kWh produced per car space
  • Immediate payoffs and around a 4-6 year ROI when KW generation, LGC’s and depreciation are taken into account on average
  • Large reduction in carbon tonne output*
  • Large reduction in energy bills
  • Shade for vehicles = happier / more customers
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting

At Shade and Membrane Structures Australia we are inspired by innovation and slowed down only by where the frontiers of technological advancements allow us to go. Our sister company PV Structures is an example of this commitment and we work together to create innovative solar solutions. This passion is in turn passed onto our clients by providing them with a first rate service offering. We have delivered on projects exceeding client expectations throughout Victoria, NSW, Qld, South Australia and Western Australia. Both in major cities (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth) and all major regional areas as well as most International areas.