Sports Court Shade


Customised Tension Membrane Structures for Sports Courts Applications

Shaded Outdoor Sport CourtShade and Membrane Structures Australia (SMSA) is a renowned supplier of quality tension membrane shade sails and outdoor cover solutions that feature the latest in tension membrane material technology suitable for a wide range of sports court applications. Our products can include: PVC, PVDF, PTFE or ETFE and steel. We install sustainable fabric structures with aesthetic appeal, that complement the architectural look of existing buildings. With the wealth of experience and expertise found at SMSA, our clients are offered:

  • Smart and cost effective solutions
  • Sustainable cover and shade materials that offer a lengthened life of service
  • Superior level of customer service
  • Stress-free and quick installation
  • Superior sun and UV protection

All of our tension membrane fabric structures are manufactured to the highest standards meeting demanding Australian and international engineering standards and codes. Our tension membrane shade cover structures are suitable for a diverse array of sporting codes including: Gymnastics, Tennis, Netball, Swimming and Basketball.

Personalised Customer Service that Exceeds Expectations

Sports Court ShadeAt Shade and Membrane Australia we go to great lengths to make certain that our products and services answer your particular needs, whether you need an entire basketball court covered or want an innovative design for a shade structure for a skateboard park or adequate sun protection cover for a lawn bowling green. From HDPE shade structures to waterproof shade cover options, we are proud to be your go-to specialist.

Some of the outdoor outdoor cover projects we are especially proud to be associated with in Australia include:

All of our clients’ projects receive the utmost attention to ensure that they benefit from a superior quality service. We have professional in-house experts and top contractors available to ensure that your project is successfully delivered and installed within expected time and budget. We serve clients across Victoria, NSW, Qld, South Australia and Western Australia. Both in major cities (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth) and all major regional areas as well as most International areas.